The Renovation of the Marie Curie Children´s Hospital

On February 9th 2011, the opening of the Hospital’s 7th floor marked the successful completion of the Scheherazade Foundation’s 4 year work for the renovation of the largest children hospital in Romania.

In June 2007, Scheherazade Foundation began raising funds to renovate the Marie Curie Children´s Hospital in Bucharest, where 50,000 children from all over Romania are treated every year. The hospital has 500 beds over 7 floors and 10,000 sq meters. This project has been the primary focus of the Foundation´s work and the Foundation has raised almost 1.5 million Euro towards this goal to date.

The funds raised helped to renovate all 7 floors according to the EU standards, with new antibacterial flooring, antibacterial paint on the walls, new windows, new heating system, air conditioning system, new plumbing and 60 new bathrooms which did not exist before.

In June 2008, the inauguration of the 3rd floor took place. The renovation work was financed by Colgate, Philips, Romstal and Petrom.

In Summer 2008, the 4th floor was also renovated, modernised and opened. The sponsors for its modernisation included Fundatia Copii Sanatosi,  Colgate and Philips.

On November 20th 2008, the 5th floor was opened to its first pacients, after a major renovation operation financed by Vodafone Foundation and Philips.

The inauguration of the 2nd floor took place in June 2009. The extensive renovation work was sponsored by Wolf Theiss and Philips.

The last stage of the project was the work on the 6th and 7th floors of the hospital, sponsored by Enel Cuore Onlus and Philips. The 6th floor was inaugurated on December 16th 2009, and the 7th floor was opened on February 9th 2011.

Equipments for the Hospital:

The Foundation was donated money to buy two special kinds of surgical equipments.

Vodafone foundation made a donation of 40,000 Euros to purchase equipment for the endoscopic treatment of urological conditions, congenital malformations and stones of urological system. This equipment did not exist in any pediatric hospital until now. It involves a minimal invasive procedure, which will reduce the pain and will shorten the hospital stay. The most important aspect is that there will be no bleeding and no incision which will leave no scar and the children can start their normal activity and school in just two days after the surgery.

Also, a donation by Mrs. Camelia Sucu allowed us to purchase a Triad system, a modern electrosurgical tool launched two years ago for open surgery, laparoscopic and minimal invasive approach. This equipment will also help in the treatment of solid tumors for the Oncology Section. It will further improve the conditions of hospital stay and medical care. This kind of equipment is installed for the first time in Romania in a children´s hospital and it will be used by the pediatric surgeons at the Marie Curie Children´s Hospital.

Each year, around 400 – 500 children will benefit from the technical progress of these equipments. We expect these numbers will increase, as more parents will find out about the possibilities of these surgical procedures in the Marie Curie children´s hospital.

Auto Italia donated us the first state of the art fully equipped Ambulance which will help to transport children to and from the hospital and a car for the medical personnel. The foundation would like to thank The Stien Family for its generosity and kindness.

Also, we have received important donations from: Colgate, Petrom, Philips, Romstal, LG, Orange, Vodafone, Enel, Carrefour, Romtelecom, AutoItalia, Mega Image, METRO, Copper Beech, Fortune Group, Porsche Romania, Apa nova, Avicola si Buzau and Rompetrol. You can also contribute to this project by redirecting 2% of the annual revenue tax. To download the 230 form to redirect 2% of the tax please click here.